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Frequently Asked Questions

The Card can only be used at merchants referenced on the website that accept Discover cards in the U.S.

Online redemption may not be available for all merchants. Please visit the merchant’s website for shopping options.

If your purchase is larger than your balance, ask the cashier to swipe your One4All card for the exact amount available on the card. Then pay the remaining balance with another form of payment. These are called “split transactions.” Some merchants do not allow cardholders to conduct split transactions. Some merchants will only allow you to do a split transaction if you pay the remaining amount in cash.

  1. Check your balance and transaction history HERE
  2. Call 1 855.207.9620 to speak to a customer service representative.

The Card balance must cover the bill plus 20%, or it may decline. Some restaurants may seek an authorization of up to 20% more than the bill to cover the gratuity. In such cases, your transaction will be approved if the card balance will cover the bill amount, plus up to 20%. If the card is declined:

Swipe the card for a lesser amount.

Add the gratuity up to the remaining card balance, and sign the receipt.

Pay the outstanding bill amount with a second form of payment.

For example:

  • Card = $50
  • Restaurant bill = $45
  • If the card is swiped for $45, it will decline due to insufficient funds, because the system is seeking an authorization for $54 (bill amount + 20%).
  • Card should be swiped for $40, leaving a $10 balance on the card.
  • Add the gratuity up to the remaining balance on the card ($10), and sign the receipt.
  • Pay the remaining $5 due on the original bill with cash or another card.

No. The Card cannot be used for recurring charges, such as magazine subscriptions or monthly memberships.

There is an expiry date on the back of each One4All Card; this is when the plastic expires.  However, funds on your gift card never expire. If funds remain on the card after the expiration date, please call 855.207.9620 to have a replacement card issued and mailed to you at no cost.  The balance on the replacement card will be equal to the balance on the expired card.

No, the Card is disposable. It cannot be reloaded. When all value is used, the Card should be destroyed.

No. The Card does not have cash access.

Depending on the merchant, merchandise returns may be refunded directly back to your gift card, so be sure to keep it until you are sure you will not need it.

One4All Cards generally cannot be replaced if they are lost or stolen. Please treat them as you would cash. Fraudulent transactions may result in the loss of your money with no recourse.

However, if you believe your Card has been lost or stolen or an unauthorized transaction has been made using the information from your Card without your permission, contact Customer Service IMMEDIATELY (855.207.9620).  We will ask for the Card number and other identifying details.  We cannot assist you if you do not have the Card number.  We may not be able to assist you if you do not contact us within 60 days of the unauthorized transaction.  A reissued Card may take up to 30 days to process.

To reset your PIN please call 1 855.207.9620.